Download and InstallΒΆ

  • If applicable, the easiest way to get SpiX working is by using your distribution package manager. With Debian (and Ubuntu, and surely other distributions that inherit from Debian), it is in package texlive-extra-utils (since version 2020.20210202-3):

    sudo apt install texlive-extra-utils
  • If spix is not packaged (yet) for your operating system, the next preferred installation method uses pip (preferably in a virtualenv):

    python3 -m pip install spix
  • Or you can install it from sources:

    • download the stable or development version;

    • unpack it;

    • install it (in a virtualenv, if you do not want to mess with your distribution installation system):

      python3 -m pip install .
  • To install it from CTAN:

    • download the package from CTAN;

    • extract the file, and copy it somewhere in your PATH. On GNU/Linux (and MacOS?), you can rename it to spix.

  • Quick and dirty Debian (and Ubuntu?) package

    This requires stdeb to be installed:

    python3 --command-packages=stdeb.command bdist_deb
    sudo dpkg -i deb_dist/spix-<VERSION>_all.deb